Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions

Membership of Proof Wine Bar is governed by the terms and conditions as described below. Please ensure you read the information in detail before signing up for our membership program.

1. Signup Process

a. Account signup can only be completed online, via Proof Wine Bar's website ( OR the Spotlight Social App.

b. Once the membership application has been completed online and a payment of membership fees has been made, Proof Wine Bar will validate the application and confirm approval of membership via e-mail.

2. Valid Membership

a. Memberships are valid for 6 months from the date of signup.

b. Membership benefits can only be redeemed within your membership period.

c. Should the membership fees not be paid by the expiry date of the current membership period, all benefits will be suspended until membership fees are paid and membership is renewed.

3. Redeeming Membership Benefits

a. Any outstanding bills not paid on the date of visit will be charged at full price and member's discount will not apply. Please ensure your bill is settled before you leave the premises.

b. If there is a cover charge payable for entry, only members will receive discounted entry. Guests accompanying members will be required to pay the full cover charge.

4. Behaviour and Dispute Management

a. Members are encouraged to conduct themselves in a style which represents the ideals of Proof Wine Bar.

b. Members who don't conform to the Policy of Respect (available on the premises) will be treated in the same way as any other guest who diverges from the behavioural guidelines as laid out in the abovementioned Policy of Respect.

c. Repeated offences in terms of the above will be dealt with as necessary and may result in the member's account being closed indefinitely.