Covid-19 Pandemic Update

It's time to get back on the horse

Wow, what a year! Like many others, we went into #twentyplenty with big plans for our business. Little did we know that every single plan we had would be laid to waste and that we'd be unable to trade for 1/3 of the year (and counting...). While this certainly wasn't the year we had in mind, we're alive, we're kicking and we're itching to get back to the business of providing good times for our guests.

There's no doubt that the hospitality and entertainment landscape is going to look very different when this is over. For starters, very few bars and restaurants are going to survive and with every month that passes, more and more establishments are being forced to permanently close their doors. The ones that are left will be forced to operate under restrictive conditions for some time after lockdown is eased and there's no telling when, if ever, things will return to 'normal'.

For 3 years, with the exception of 1 week in February 2019 when we closed for our expansion, we ran service 6 nights a week. Throughout that time, we got progressively busier and this meant that while we had to adapt to the ever-increasing number of guests, drinks served etc, we never had time to make meaningful changes to the way we ran service or operated our business. The past few months have given us the opportunity to take a step back and reconsider what is important to us and our guests, what works, what doesn't and what we can change to make the experience even better. We're committed to not just surviving this crisis, but to coming back better than we've ever been. We won't bore you with the details but we will say this: All our planning and internal restructuring is done with one goal in mind and that is to be the best damn bar we can be.

Re-opening full time with a full bar offering may be further off than we think so the time has come to take the bull by the horns. The easing of alcohol sales and our ability to sell alcohol for off-consumption use at the beginning of June, while entertaining for a few weeks, simply highlighted to us that we are very much an entertainment venue. We enjoyed the brief interactions with a number of our regulars (thanks for the support!) and we were grateful to give our team some work for a while but the experience highlighted that our product, while revolving around the sale of alcohol, isn't actually alcohol at all. Proof, like many establishments in the hospitality industry is an entertainment business. Alcohol is just one of many factors which goes into creating an environment where people can relax, spend time with their friends and enjoy time away from home.

With this in mind, we'll be opening for limited service hours in the coming weeks. We have some VERY exciting new offerings and we know that many of you are itching to get out for a couple of hours. Rest assured that we'll be following the same stringent Covid-19 protocols as restaurants are following. Seating will be very limited and we'll be operating on a booking-only basis. We take our responsibilty as a public-facing space very seriously and we will make sure that all possible precautions are taken. We will be serving food (more details to follow very soon) but there will be no sale or consumption of alcohol permitted on the premises.

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Wayne and Dan